AI-Driven Revenue Optimization

Use AI to drive your product revenues from sub-par and unpredictable to fully optimized and highly predictable
in as little as 60 days.

Growth: Convert more trials
Upgrade more customers
Retain more revenue

AI-driven sales & marketing Playbooks based on
in-product behaviors of successful customers:

Track Detailed Usage without Engineering or Data help:
Our Product Tracker automatically records your user activity as they engage with your products. What features do successful customers use? All without needing your development or data team's support.

Surface "aha" moments:
Winware's AI engine surfaces the previously unknown product usage patterns that drive conversions, upgrades and renewals.

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Drive Desired Behaviors:
Our recommendations engine proactively pushes prioritized, actionable product usage recommendations directly to users (via workflow automations or in-app notifications) or to account owners.

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    Timing Matters!

    Any process (dashboard or spreadsheet) that requires your sales team to search for information is going to lead to missed opportunities.

    Winware pushes critical information to the right customer or account owner at the right time.

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