Win more deals.

Machine Learning to create Product Qualified Leads ("PQL") for your prospects and existing customers.

Automate marketing and sales plays based on PQL scores to improve free trial conversion rates, increase plan upgrade opportunities, and reduce churn.

Win More Product Led Purchase Decisions

Increase Win Rates:

What are the "needle moving" features that help you win new customers? or plan upgrades? or are correlated with customers who renew? That's your Product Qualified Lead (or "PQL").

ImpactProduct's machine learning algorithms define your PQL based on the in-product behaviors most correlated with your users (by customer segment) who a.

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Map the PQL score to Prospects & Customers and Automate Sales & Marketing Plays.

Automate Sales & Marketing plays based on PQL scores:

  • Put your marketing drip on steroids: Automated marketing drip based on actual product usage of a prospect or customer. Recommend features that increase the probability of a purchase or upgrade.
  • Recommended Tasks for Sales & Customer SuccessTeams:
    We push action items to the Account Owner to make specific product usage recommendations to a prospect or customer.
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Timing Matters!

Any process (dashboard or spreadsheet) that requires your sales team to search for information is going to lead to missed opportunities.

ImpactProduct pushes critical information to the right account owner at the right time.

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