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Learn how ImpactProduct is making a difference for product and UX teams

How ImpactProduct helped Alert Labs become more outcome focused

Alert Labs, IoT solutions for water and HVAC solutions


Create easy-to-use smart building sensors & software that lower utility costs & minimize property damage.

Company Size
45 employees


Lack of insight into consumer interactions with product releases Prioritizing where to invest R&D without data and only gut-feelingLacking tracking for event interactions within existing analytics tool

After six months of using ImpactProduct our team saw huge savings in upfront and ongoing management costs.

Saved up to 5 days of development time in initial implementation. Zero ongoing developer support needed with ImpactProduct materially lowers maintenance costs. 

Changing product conversations from opinions to metrics basedIncrease in data-driven decision making and data democratization
Moving from opinions to data

Alert Labs is an IoT solution for water and HVAC solutions that allows their customers to easily monitor usage and save money.
As an organization of 45 employees, it’s imperative to prioritize work with available resources. Even taking development time to set up product analytics can be a trade-off when needing to move fast and release new features. 

Partnering with ImpactProduct for the past 6 months, Alert Labs has been able to obtain insights into releases and beta-releases, steer conversations to become data-driven, and share metrics cross-functionally to better serve the customer. 

Curtis VanderGriendt told us, “High-level, my conversations have moved from opinion-based, to actually data-driven. I feel more empowered and enabled to have difficult conversations about rationalizing why I want to use a certain approach because now I have the data to show we understand customer behaviors and wants and can demonstrate the impact and change once we roll something out. The data from ImpactProduct also gives me justification on my decision to prioritize work over other things to do.”

Showing impact through product usage
ImpactProduct helped Alert Labs have better visibility into how their product is actually being used rather than going off of assumption or gut feel. Additionally, the team was able to measure and track adoption of newly released functions. It helped them better identify if what they believed to be delivering value to their customers is being used in the way intended.

Using ImpactProduct on a beta-feature that was released to a limited number of its customers, the Alert Labs team was able to easily monitor customer adoption. The team was able to see through the engagement feature that of the 20 customers who the beta featured was rolled out to, 12 customers (or 60%) had utilized it– an adoption rate that the product team was very happy with. 

Having this new insight was eye-opening for the team. Instead of guessing how new features might be used or if they were even helpful to customers, they were now able to actually quantify those product decisions and furthermore, be able to rationalize where they want to continue to invest and prioritize development efforts.

Data democratization 
ImpactProduct’s easy to use UX and automatic tracking of every click event has empowered many team members who never used analytics to access usage insights.  

Alert Labs was able to provide broader access to usage analytics to teams in its organization including Customer Success and Development. Curtis noted, “one way we used ImpactProduct was to help our team and stakeholders further understand the use of the product. We also were able to use the insights to help us if there was uncertainty of where we wanted to prioritize building new features or creating improvements. It’s helpful to look at interaction on pages giving us further insights on the product than simply looking at page views. We are able to objectively look at product usage.” 

Shifting from opinion based conversations to data-driven ones is a major cultural shift for organizations. With the ease of sharing metrics and accessibility, having product analytics at your fingertips can turn the tables in a conversation. Rather than making decisions based on people's opinions, you can use data to make decisions that improve your customer experience and sales.

Ease of use
At many organizations, obtaining data insights can be challenging. Whether it’s due to lack of resources on business insights teams or the hurdles of implementation and using dev time, having insight into product performance and customer usage is imperative for success.

One of the key differentiators of ImpactProduct compared to other solutions is the lack of friction needed for implementation or developer time. ImpactProduct is just a code-snippet inserted and pushed to production in just a matter of days.

The other major difference of ImpactProduct compared to other analytics tools is the ease of use. Other tools can be frustrating and cumbersome to navigate to find the data just answer a simple question. For example, Google Analytics requires a lot of sifting through pages and reports to find what you are looking for and tagging events for in-page interactions.

ImpactProduct was truly impactful to the Alert Labs team in democratizing data, making easier to access product analytics, and moving towards truly becoming a data-driven organization.