Get Product Usage Insights Faster

Powerful product analytics without developer support
or the confusing analytical UI.
Analytics within the context of your product
Make data informed design decisions and uncover usability issues faster.

Just open YOUR product. Then open our chrome extension. And click on any page element (like a button or a link) to explore user behavior metrics or create a user task flow.

With our (coming soon) Identify feature, you will also be able to download a list of users who completed (or failed to complete) any task flow for your usability testing or qualitative research.

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Metrics without developer support

Get insights without the wait.

No impact on page load times

No PII tracking or
Infosec risks

Every click is tracked

without wasting your engineer's time writing custom event tags

Every click in your product is automatically tracked and available out of the box. No developer support needed. No event pre-configuration needed.

Our event tracking JavaScript does not capture Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Our event tracking JavaScript also is asynchronous, so it won't impact page load times.

If you choose to share PII using our Identify feature, all data is encrypted both at rest and in transit.

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Celebrate Success

Connect your product team's releases to outcomes with just a few clicks. Your entire team can track success of each new enhancement. Success cards can be linked to OKRs and automatically shared in Slack or pasted into presentations.

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Astonishingly Easy

ImpactProduct is an astonishingly easy way to improve our user experience in real-time. In just minutes, we've identified opportunities to make changes and optimize our site's navigation and usability.

Nis Frome, General Manager Coderbyte
Nis Frome
Gerneral Manager, Coderbyte

Empower everyone on your team with data

Immediate Insights

Using ImpactProduct will immediately deliver insights and objective measurements that can elevate your design and product practices, especially, if you have difficulty justifying development effort or if you have difficulty measuring interactions or events within pages using analytics tools at your organization

Curtis VanderGriendt, Director of Product Experience, Alert Labs
Curtis VanderGriendt
Director of Product Experience, Alert Labs