ImpactProduct 2.0 Updates

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Steven Cohn
ImpactProduct 2.0 Updates

Hey Impacters! Steven, founder of ImpactProduct, here. I wanted to give y'all a quick update. Our team has been working hard and we have some great updates to share! 

First, we are excited to announce that both Jeff Gothelf and Josh Seiden (the co-authors of LeanUX, Sense & Respond and Outcomes over Outputs) have joined our team and are helping us build ImpactProduct. We have also made a lot of product updates to remove the largest pain points of other analytics tools. It is now really easy to get product usage insights fast.

Second, we have some great new features our for you to use!

1. Analytics without Developer Support

  • Add our JavaScript to your site’s header and ImpactProduct will measure every user click event automatically. No need to create custom event tags or SQL queries. We automatically calculate Engagement, Adoption, Retention and Task Success metrics without any set-up or pre-configuration.

2. Your Product is the Analytics Dashboard

  • No more confusing analytical tool UI. Open your product and select any element (or select multiple elements in a task flow) and ImpactProduct will show user experience metrics in an extension overlaying your product.
  • Below demo video is one of ImpactProduct’s customers using our extension to get Engagement, Adoption and Retention metrics and then Task Success metrics.

3. One-click download a list of users with usability issues.

  • Imagine you could get a list of users who had usability issues with a task flow with just one click? With our Identify feature, you can append user information to our anonymous JS click tracking script. That way you can easily download a list of users who fail to complete a task flow and reach out for a usability test. This is an optional feature, but so powerful for UX teams!

4. Easily connect product design & development Outputs to user Outcomes (and OKRs).

  • Connect your work to user outcomes with our Projects feature. With Projects, your entire cross functional team (e.g. UXD, UXR, Developers, Product Managers, Execs, etc) can track the project’s outcomes and easily report on OKR performance.

I'd love your feedback and thoughts. If you want to learn more, reach out for a demo!