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Install the Chrome extension

Click on the Add Chrome Extension button below. Then click on the the Add to Chrome button in the Chrome Web Store.

Add Chrome Extension

Pin the Extension

Pin the the Chrome Extension for easy access to user experience analytics.

Create an Account

Create an account inside the extension. You will get the JS Code snippet in the extension after you create your account.


Add the code snippet to your site

If you have Google Tag Manager already, follow these instructions to add Winware's JS snippet. If you don't have Google Tag Manager, then just have a developer paste Winware's JS snippet between the <head>and<head> tags on your global site headers. If you use iFrames, also make sure that the same JS snippet is added to the header for all iFrames globally.

Contact us with any questions

You are all set!

Frequently Asked Questions

Still not sure if Winware is right for you? You'll find answers to common questions below.

Where can I download your app?

Winware uses a Chrome extension, so you'll need to download it from the Chrome Web Store before signing up. See above instructions. You can get our Chrome Extension here:

What is the Winware JavaScript code snippet?

Winware measures the user experience for any web page or product url that has Winware's JavaScript code (“JS Script”) added to it. Read more about the JavaScript snippet here.

How does the JavaScript code snippet work?

The JavaScript allows Winware to measure click events and URLs per visit. Winware’s JS Script is an event listener that tracks HTML DOM events for any HTML page which has its code. This code ties the events to a specific element’s Selector. Below is an example of the Selector path that we would pull from the “Subscribe Now” button on ESPN. In this example, we would show all event data for that “Subscribe Now” button by linking it to its path. There is no need for for you, or anyone, to create custom event tags. In the event that an element’s Selector changes, you can merge Selector data from different elements into one chart. Note, is not a customer of Winware.

The loading of the Winware JS Script should not impact page load. First, it is a small file, approximately 10kb. Also, it is downloaded by a browser only once per user and stored in that user’s browser cache. Once the JS Script is loaded (after first visit), Winware uses sendBeacon API to send page analytics requests to the server. This means that the data being sent does not impact site navigation. A user would not need to wait for the request to be complete before they can navigate to the next page.
Read more here:
Does the JavaScript track Personally Identifiable Information?

The Winware Javascript does NOT track any PII. It tracks HTML DOM events. However, we require customers to pass use their User IDs and email for every session. We match the User ID and email and sales information on our backend.

Do I need to create tags for each event?

No, you do not need to create tags for each element that you want to track. We track all events without any extra tags created. We call it “No Code Analytics” because once you add our JavaScript code to the head tag, you do not need to involve developers in tracking events or user flows.

Where can I find the JavaScript code snippet for my account?

When you initially sign up, you will get the code snippet in your setup wizard. See below screenshot.

Does ImpactProduct Open Source its source code?

We plan to open source code for our JavaScript. Curious to learn more? Reach out to: